Chocovenyl’s StickA Clocks are educational and functional. Teaching your children to tell the time is much more fun with one of our colourful fabric wall stickers.

Our super clever ‘Time 2’ StickA clock by Mister Mista allows you to arrange the clock by your child’s daily activities.
You can arrange the stickers as close or far from the clock centre as you like, making the clock bigger or smaller.
The clock mechanism is high torque, meaning it can move longer hands. Hand lengths (measured from the clock centre) are as follows; 
Hour hand 15.5cm/6.1 inches
Minutes hand 21.5cm/8.5 inches.

Our fabric wall stickers are easy to apply, just peel and stick. They can be reused and moved as many as you like making them very child-friendly.
The wall decals are thin and look flat on the wall, they are matt with a slight fabric finish.
We ship worldwide.