What type of media Chocovenyl™ uses for wall decals?

Chocovenyl™ media is new, patented self-adhesive fabric that can be easily placed anywhere and then removed and reused over and over again.

What are the advantages of using Chocovenyl™ media, compare to a regular wall decal vinyl?

Our media has many advantages over regular wall decal vinyl, which makes it the best choice for large scale residential wall decals. Our media special characteristics include:

- Low-tack patented self adhesive makes it removable, repositionable and reusable over and over again as the adhesive never weakens (if keept clean).

- Will not leave any residue on your wall once removed.

- Will not wrinkle or rip (tear resistant material). This is very important when the decal is placed in kids rooms. Kids will not be able to tear pieces from the decal (prevents chocking hazard).

- Can be wrapped around corners, ceilings and poles.

- Will stick to any non-porous surface, including walls, ceilings, windows and doors.

- Can be applied over any existing wall paper, as long as the surface is smooth.

What surface/location preparations are needed before application?

The application surface should be prepared, smooth, clean and dry. The surface should be non-porous and smooth, although we've tested it on slightly bumpy surfaces and it sticks well. If the application surface was recently painted, allow drying of 2-3 weeks before application. Before application at or close to humid locations, pay special attention to make sure the surface is completely dry. Stickers shouldn’t be applied close to where under 3’s can reach. Although The media is tear resistant, some of the designs have some smaller pieces, that if peeled can be a chocking hazard.

How easy it is to apply Chocovenyl™ decals on the a surface?

Very easy. Just peel the decal from the backing paper, position on the application surface, attach the center of the decal to the surface and work your way out towards the edge of the decal. Don’t worry if you get any bubbles on the way, as the media is repositionable, just take it off the surface and continue applying.

How easy it is to remove/reposition Chocovenyl™ decals?

Our media low tack adhesive is easy to take off any surface. Taking it off is easy right after first application and will stay the same over time, Even after long periods of time taking it off the surface is easy. This combined with the fact that it is also tear resistant and won’t wrinkle makes it ideal for repositioning and reusing.

Will the decal leave any residue or damage my surface after taking it off?

No. Our decals does not leave any residue on the surface after taking it off and will not damage the surface (low tack adhesive).

Is it possible to get a sample of your decals?

Yes. We’re happy to send a small decal sample so you can see/feel the printing, cutting and media quality. You will only have to pay for the packaging and delivery.


Chocovenyl offer a collection of self-adhesive, wall stickers that allow one to quickly and easily create wall murals.

You can apply our products to almost any flat surface: walls, mirrors, doors, glass, fridges and anything else you can imagine!
Basic application is just "Peel and Stick". As the material is repositionable, one can always peel it off the surface and stick it again.

Chocovenyl wall decal application: (this is a step-by-step guide)

Plan: Choose the spot where you want to apply the stickers and plan how you’re going to position each one.

Prepare: Make sure the surface where you are going to apply the stickers is clean from dust, dirt and completely dry.

Fear Not: With some of the larger or more complex shape stickers, you might find it easier to cut the backing paper around the sticker and have a friend ready to help.

Peel and Stick: Apply the stickers from the top down (or side to side, If the design is landscape format). Most stickers can simply be peeled off the backing paper and applied to a wall. To smooth out any bubbles or creases lift the sticker and re-apply.


♥ If the material sticks to itself, gently pull both sides apart.

♥ Attach the sticker to a wall only in 2-3 points, step back to make sure the position is right before applying completely.

♥ The sticky side of the material must be kept clean to retain adhesion.

♥ Keep the backing paper for any future relocation.


The stickers are not washable unless stated otherwise. Don’t rub with wet cloth.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts.

Movable ♥ PVC Free ♥ Fabric Wall Stickers ♥ made with chocolove

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